Unlimited potential for ultra-fast trainings of neural networks

Application areas

Digital resistive switches which store data are already widely used as non-volatile random-access memory. Analog resistive switches are used as reconfigurable weights in neural networks. Use the MEMRiSTOR to store and process data in the same memristor device in real-time and without data transfer steps. Exploit the unique feature of the MEMRiSTOR and implement disruptingly new algorithms in top-level applications, e.g. autonomous driving, IoT edge computing, big data analytics, and neuromorphic computing.

Data Interpretation

Large data sets, Real time video, imaging and voice data interpretation, e.g. from traffic, factories, safety and security areas, shopping centres, medical, governmental, administrative and scientific areas

Correlations Analysis

Finding new correlations in large data sets, e.g., for the purpose of advancing data analysis

Future Forecast

Ultra-fast forecasting, e.g. of environmental, economical, or social threats, e.g., storm floods, market turmoils, supply bottlenecks


Edge sensor data processing and decision-making for operating industrial facilities, production lines, power stations, etc. enables faster detection of critical states, faster reaction and less repair- and downtimes.

Autonomous Systems

Pattern recognition from sensor-edge data processing and classification for the development of autonomous machines, robots, and systems esp., in the context of machine-machine and human-machine collaboration

Assisted Production

Tracking and teaching of hand and body movements for the development of products (data glasses, gloves) for e.g. instructing unskilled production personnel to correctly execute manufacturing processes

Building Monitoring

Real-time information from the building management system about the critical status of individual systems, e.g. heating or air-conditioning system

Intelligent Building

Consolidation of data from a wide variety of individual systems in the building for the purpose of developing new hardware, e.g. wearables or intelligent household helpers, or Real-time monitoring of systems, e.g. heating, air-conditioning, maintenance, reduction of energy consumption and loss

Smart Living

Pattern recognition from sensor based data processing and classification for the development of smart wearables, e.g. smart glasses that can predict situations and thus assist and instruct humans in daily living

enterpretable and trainable neural networks for autonomous technologies
robust and low-error security primitives for secure electronics
event-driven and real-time data preprocessing for edge computing and edge sensorics

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