The world-wide first memristor for data processing AND storage



The MEMRiSTOR with two complete read branches and two complete write branches. Emulates all 16 Boolean logic gates.

Enabling completely new algorithms

Edge computing and edge sensor:

• real-time
• real number
• energy-efficient and
• runtime aware

Who needs the MEMRiSTOR?

From scientists who want to make new breakthrough findings to manufacturers who aim to increase systems reliability or whatever you have in mind to train an artificial neural network for. For anyone working on smart systems – from developers to innovation scouts, from tinkerers to teachers.

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Enabling completely new algorithms

The MEMRiSTOR is an analog device with distinct properties to enable Data Classification and Data Correlation in hardware. With the MEMRiSTOR new AI algorithms can be created. Real number problems will be addressed. Unknown solutions will be found. The Line Array MEMRiSTOR chips enable unitary (mode 1) access to the 8, 16, 24, or 32 memristors on the chip.

with double hysteresis

reconfigurable into 16 Boolean logic gates


with single hysteresis

reconfigurable into a subset of 8 Boolean logic gates

MEMRiSTOR MeasureKit

Evaluate the singular features of MEMRiSTORs

The test tool for MEMRiSTOR is designed for evaluating the singular features of the MEMRiSTOR. Current-voltage characteristics of MEMRiSTOR with double hysteresis and of MEMRiSTOR with single hysteresis can be measured. The test tool accepts Line Array MEMRiSTOR chips and enables unitary (mode 1) access to the memristors on the chip.

The Package includes: 

  • Test tool
  • One 1×32 Line array calibration chip
  • Software (Mac, Windows 10, Linux)
  • 10 page user manual provided on an USB drive


Detects the hidden correlations in your data

The COR-RiSTOR is an AI solution package to quickly start disclosing unseen properties of your data, independent of source, storage or personal bias. Everyone is invited to explore the famous and distinct properties of the TECHiFABs COR-RiSTOR creating your own AI application correlating data, from historic to real time.

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Data Interpretation

Large data sets, real time video, imaging and voice data interpretation …

Future Forecast

Ultra-fast forecasting of environmental, economical, or political changes …

Correlation Analysis

Finding new correlations from large data sets, e.g., for the purpose of advancing science

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